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Wishing you a merry and exotic Christmas

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Welcome to The Greek Taverna
Greek Restaurant in Aylesbury

The Greek Taverna is so much more than a Greek eatery. Nestled between the county office buildings and the newly constructed Aylesbury Waterside Theatre, The Greek Taverna transports you via a unique experience to the lands of Sparta, Plato, Troy and Mama Mia! The interior of this atmospheric restaurant and marquee at the rear are decked out in traditional Greek colours of whitewash and royal blue set in a contemporary setting.

With the authentic Greek menus in our restaurant based in Aylesbury we serve everything from meze to grilled fish, meat and fresh salads – that offer a myriad of spices, textures and flavours. We have Belly and Greek dancers perform every weekend adding to The Greek Taverna’s sensory treat and at weekends a resident DJ playing modern beats until the early hours.

The taverna proudly boasts that it only uses fresh and traditional ingredients. All meat and fish is NEVER cooked from frozen and each dish is carefully crafted by the chefs to excite your culinary senses. Be in no doubt that entering the Greek Taverna will be like your holidays, never wanting to leave!. Going to see something at The Aylesbury Waterside Theatre?. Why not book a meal at The Greek Taverna Restaurant?, with our special offers you cant go wrong so book a table or two in our restaurant and receive some fantastic prices.

Opening Times

Our opening times are listed below. We look forward to seeing you.

LUNCH TIME 11.00am – 3.00pm

Sunday – Thursday
EVENING DINNER 5.00pm – 10.30pm

Friday – Saturday
EVENING DINNER 5.00pm – 2am