Welcome to the 7th Anniversary of The Greek Taverna

To mark the 7th anniversary of the restaurant this May, Fortnum & Mason was asked to provide a chocolate cake, a Sacher Torte (see picture) made to the recipe of a Viennese Patisserie Chef and a bottle of Sauternes, a bottle of Chateau Yquem no less, pronounced as Chateau ''Camp'' (see picture).

A French fine wine connoisseur was asked his opinion of Chateau Yquem. He pursed his lips and ran his right index finger cross his mouth. He did not say a word but the meaning was clear - very fine wine leaves one speechless, loss for words as it were.

Chateau Yquem is the best Sauternes that money can buy and one would not get much change from a few hundred pounds for 1996 vintage bottle.

For those interested Fortnum & Mason still has 7 bottles in stock left and will give a good case discount if six were bought! A large bouquet of red peonies is also on display in the restaurant to mark the occasion (see picture). Do join staff to wish the restaurant its continued success.

Before the peonies were off their best, a visit was made to the Chelsea Flower Show to buy some choice orchid blooms for the restaurant also to mark its 7th anniversary (see the photograph below). These are on display in the restaurant for the coming weeks.